More than just data collection

Empower your valuation business with tools & processes carefully designed for you.

Manage your business from anywhere

Manage multiple property valuation in real-time to make quickinformed decision.
After two years of careful analysis of what valuers need, we present you with these exclusive features.

Dual Platform: Mobile & Web-based Application

  • Built using the latest technology to deliver time-bound assignments with high productivity & efficiency.
  • Assign tasks and initiate projects on the go.
  • Quick, accurate and cost-efficient data collection through the applications.
  • Instant synchronization of data from both platforms to ensure simultaneous work on projects.
  • Real-time email and message notifications on your phone.

Real-Time Data Collection & Analysis

  • Geotag property with a single click: Latitude & Longitude.
  • Capture & analyse photographs for property valuation.
  • Record voice memo during an on-site inspection.
  • Refer property documents uploaded on a real-time basis.
  • Review valuations simultaneously using the comment feature.

Comprehensive Dashboard

  • Quick overview and statistical analysis of ongoing projects.
  • Review daily performances of different offices.
  • Administer employee productivity using task management feature.
  • Comprehensively assess pending work of multiple clients in a single window using the MIS feature.
  • Improves organized communication among employees.

Report Generation

  • Import customized report formats.
  • Transfer data collected to reports instantly.
  • Consistent reporting.
  • Third party integration for more features.

Task Management

  • Assign tasks to employees, colleagues and yourself too.
  • Create a work flow structure to follow.
  • Prioritise tasks.
  • Measure & analyze productivity of tasks set.
  • Manage critical deadlines.


  • Integrative tool for different file formats (.jpeg, .pdf, .png) in one space.
  • Tool to better represent, organize & review data collected.
  • Allocate and share critical information related to projects, clients & the company.

Graphical Representation of cases initiated

  • Represents all valuated properties on a map.
  • View & analyse critical information of cases directly in this tool.
  • Analyse property type, rates & trends here.

Office Management-Track Map and Multiple Office Management

  • Track different activities for a specific case.
  • Real time tracking of employees during site inspection.
  • Attendance & Productivity.

Storage of Valuation Manuals & Reference Documents

  • Reference documents library.
  • Easy access from mobile & web.
  • Define rights of documents.
  • Share & manage documents.

Increasing Productivity by Management Info System

  • MIS for better management & single window workflow analysis.

Bill Management

  • Hassle free bill management.
  • Track due payments and receivables.
  • Assemble important details for quick bill generation.

Client Management

  • Raise and resolve queries related to cases instantly using the comment and auto-generate mail feature.
  • Maintain and manage data of multiple clients for every office easily.
  • Secure storage of clients’ data.

Secure & Reliable

  • One login per user ensures secure and reliable access to data.
  • Runs on Amazon Cloud.
  • Real time storage and replication of data in various places.
  • Assign rights to access data.

Role Management

  • Customize access of employees to all feature of the application.
  • Assign data according to roles & designations.
  • Ensure privacy of data.