Siddharth Choksi

As owner of the company Siddharth Choksi is passionate about all things real estate. His inclination for the field stems from Optima Engineers and Developers, a family business founded by his father about 30 years ago. To hone his innate skills, he pursued his Master’s degree in valuation from Sardar Patel University. A strategist to the core, he has restructured the organization by bringing in new blood and channelizing a whole new momentum while heading the company. Brimming with fresh ideas and passion, he is keen on simplifying the whole manual process of property valuation with his app - Optima Value Pro. He is not only a proud founder of this venture but also is a diligent end-user.

Optima Engineers and Developers is a leading firm in Architectural Planning, Immovable Property Valuation, Structural Consultancy space and Environmental Engineering. Through our many years of experience, we aspired to cater to property evaluators to make their tasks seamless and efficiently manageable. Implementing the knowledge we gained, along with a strong vision, led us to developing Optima Value Pro.

Keen on making manual processes convenient through technology, Optima Value Pro formulated. OVP is a property valuation solution software designed to simplify the process of valuation along with everyday tasks. It helps property valuers focus on generating consistent and customisable valuation reports. Especially helpful for Property Valuation Agency owners, OVP can serve as a multidimensional platform that can aid project management report generation and task management.